By His Stripes I am Healed

By His Stripes I am Healed

August 14, 2007 0 By Carmen

Aug 14, 2007, On August 1st, the doctor called with the first report. She says I have cancer. Good thing I know that the first report isn’t the last report. Man’s report says one thing; God said something completely different. I know that I no longer live, but Christ in me that lives, therefore this is not my battle, this is his. I Love the Lord so much. I can receive all these reports by his strength. I know that I abide in the almighty.

On August 8th, Jimmy and I were married. He married me knowing also that I am healed in Jesus name. We took a long lunch break and got married. The next day my co-workers gave us a surprise reception. He is truly a “great” blessing.

On August 9th, my sister Rosetta called and I shared with her our marriage. She became angry, disappointed. I don’t know. I never have seen any act like that. She had given me a laptop so that I could journal, but when she found out that I was married she wanted it back. I really am hurt, although I shouldn’t be. Nothing should surprise me. While one door is closed, God has opened up several more doors that others can come into our lives.

On August 14th, the doctor called again. She was wondering why I have not gotten my tests and explained why it was important that I didn’t just ignore this. This was business as usual for her. I explained to her that this was a lot to chew on. I let her talk. I didn’t want to impose on her and tell her that I believe God’s report over her report. I just let her talk. I will do nothing that will allow me to lose my “peace”. That “Peace” that God has given me. I Love the Lord and I believe that until my destiny is filled I will be right here.

The afternoon of the 14th we meet Van and Regina for Dinner at Steak and Al. I told her of how I came to the Lord. I further told her of the doctor’s report and really was seeking in agreement of what the “Word” says. They prayed for me and we departed.

I know that God is with me. I know that as long as I stay open to the things of him that “Nothing” can come against me. I know that Christ “lives” inside me. I am 1/3 wall to wall Holy Ghost.

I celebrate my new life, walking in the things of God. I know this is an attack of satan and I bind him up right now in the name in Jesus. He is trespassing on God’s property.