Called to Walk By Faith

Called to Walk By Faith

December 31, 2018 0 By Carmen

 Aug 8, 2007, This is the first time since I officially have been diagnosed with cancer that I have added to this blog. Three weeks ago I felt a lump on my breast. After going to the doctor they found another in the other breast. After doing a biopsy in my lymph nos and the two lumps all came back positive. The doctor assigned to my case wanted me to go the plastic surgeon for reconstruction surgery and then do labs and cat scan to see how far it has spread in my body.

Since God quickened my spirit (new birth) I have walked by faith. He has led me and I have followed. Today, he leads me and I follow. Today, I walk not by sight or by the way I feel, I walk by the Words of God. He said that I was healed 2000 years ago when Jesus died on the Cross. My earthly father is concerned that I don’t go to the doctor because he said God put them here.
I don’t doubt that, but they are for the lost. The Bible says the lady with the issue of blood went to the doctor for twelve long years, spent every dime she had and she still was sick. When she came to Jesus and touch the hem of his garment – she was healed.

I stand on this Word today, that the same power that Jesus rose from the grave is the same power that lives on the inside of me and the same works that Jesus did I can do also. I am healed and I will walk in it. I will not startle the fence on this. I will have my report to confirm what the doctor said, but I will have God’s Word to say what he says and I know his Word is true and that is what I will stand on. I will not be double-minded.

I Love God more and more every day and I thank him for his Goodness.