The Love of God

The Love of God

December 31, 2018 0 By Carmen

December 10, 2006, I am convinced by the Power of the “Spirit of Truth” which was the same Power that raised Jesus from the “Grave”. The same Power that raised me from my Grave that until you have been “Born Again” or planted with the same seed that was planted in Mary when Jesus was conceived in her that you can’t possibly know the Love of God, or Love God with your whole heart and Love others as you Love yourself. It takes the Power of the Holy Ghost to teach you what God’s Love is truly all about. You have to learn by the Power how to die to yourself in order to gain Life. The Bible says unless a seed falls to the ground and dies, will it be able to produce new life. A fish is in the water, swimming, full of life, once he is caught must die in order to feed others.

Love is not a feeling. No human being whether it is your mother, father, sister, brother, children, husband or wife can ever Love you the way God commanded until he has filled them. They don’t have the Power on their own. I know people believe that they can do things God’s way under a decision they make in their own minds, but I’m telling you it is not possible. You can’t do it. Whatever is born of Flesh is Flesh. Whatever is born of Spirit is Spirit.

Often I reflect on Jesus and that day on Calvery. Picture this in your mind. He was beaten, spit on, cursed at and then carried that “heavy” Cross up that hill, was nailed to it all for the people that he was dying for. When has someone cursed you, spit at you, did something come against you and you went about your way without getting back at them?

No, Jesus isn’t asking you to do the same physical act he did (for we could not); but he is asking us to “Glorify” him when someone mistreats you that you don’t get revenge. If someone wrongs you that you “Glorify” him by showing them the Love of God by not retaliating. That is “Glorifying” God and showing his goodness. When you “Glorify him he will “Glorify you.

Real Life Example:

One day a coworker that I had was so angry at me at what he/she perceived that I did. They came to me and confronted me about their issue. When I went to explain my side they begin to tell me off, cursing and calling me names. It seems like the Holy Spirit arrested me and instructed me to not say a word. Tears began to run down my eyes because the Power that I felt that kept me from saying anything back was strong. Jesus began to show me the above. He said to me I carried that Cross upon Calvery, people were cursing me, spitting on me, calling me names, but I continued up that hill and at the end, I forgave them and spoke to God on their behalf. He said you must learn to do the same. People will wrong you in this life journey and they are used to people coming back at them, but you will be an example and show him/her the same Love that I show you when you do things against me. Jesus said, “for they know not what they do”. I sat there and cried in silence at everything that happened. God showed me that if I had of responded that this person could and would have focused on the things I said. That it was best if I was quiet. I remembered in my past life I would have cursed him back and worked on getting him/her fired. I praise God that for once I was able to “Glorify” him. That night around 11:00 pm, my cell phone ranged. It was the person that cursed me out. They apologized but what they didn’t know I had already forgiven them.

God’s Love is so Powerful, so wonderful and I am so thankful for everything the “Spirit of Truth” is teaching me. May all my brothers and Sisters come into the knowledge of the real Power of God and his Love.