The Way to a Man’s Heart is Through his Thoughts

The Way to a Man’s Heart is Through his Thoughts

February 22, 2007 0 By Carmen

Feb 22, 2007, Becoming one with Jesus has been a journey that has been life-changing. The Holy Spirit has taught me so much. He continues to teach me and I, under his power, keep an open mind to learn and to walk in the things of him.

Our minds are so powerful. They control what comes out of our mouths and our emotions. We have to learn how to control those thoughts. God has been teaching me how to control my thoughts and I wanted to share.

Seems like there are so many times during the day that Satan is trying to gain entry into your mind by putting bad thoughts of people, situations, etc. in your way. I have learned that the way you fight those thoughts is to cast all your cares and meditate on what God says about you and your situation; not people. I didn’t realize that there is a spiritual battle going on to win you and you must stay firm on the “Word”. Correct your thoughts.

Grace & Peace to you.