Why Was Jesus Baptized?

Jesus Baptism was following the old testament Law. Jesus came as the High Priest. When a priest was instituted as a high priest He was to be washed in the temple in a big basin his hands and his feet. Then he was ceremonially cleaned even though he had no sin.  It was only a ceremony.  Now Jesus came as the High Priest but he could not go into the temple to be ceremonial washed because he was not of the tribe of Levi where the Priest came from. He was from the Tribe of Judah.  So God sent John the Baptist who was of a priestly line a descendent of Aaron who was the first High Priest and he administered the ceremonial water in the Jordan River and then Christ was ceremonial clean. Remember when he was eight days old he was circumcised. He followed all the old testament law not because he had any sin, but because he came to fulfill everything.

May Grace and Peace Be Multiplied Upon You!

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