Old Testament Saints

The Bible is becoming clearer only through his GRACE as God unveils his Words to me for greater understanding.  It is like knowing you have all the puzzle pieces you just need to put them together so that everything makes sense.

What happened to the Saints in the old testament when they died.  Jesus said absent from the body is to be present with the LORD.  How can you be present with the LORD if your sins had to wait until Jesus came and shed his blood on the Cross.  That would not make sense.  Did HE, GOD  violate his own rule and bring them up prior because He is GOD?

There is not a clear teaching on whether the Saints in the old testament where saved at the time of their death and if you assumed that they were you were not certain.   I could never get the straight of that in my Spirit except to know that the Bible says the LAMB was SLAINED before the foundation of the earth which is spoken of in Revelation.  Is the story of Jesus an earthly story of a spiritual meaning.   That even though it was done at a particular time on earth which God had set.  It was really done before the foundation of the earth.  How could Abel who we know was a child of God be forgiven of his sins unless the shedding of Blood had already taken place.  How could Abraham, Moses and David be forgiven unless the shedding of blood had already taken place?

The animals dying for our sins in the old testament was a shadow of things to come.  It was a ceremonial law.  It was a shadow of things to come for those people at that time.  Think about it in this way.  We are blessed to know that Jesus came and died for our sins on the cross.  What if you were in this earth before Jesus came and you saw the Priest killing animals for your sins.  You didn’t quite understand what it meant other than God wanted it done.  You didn’t quite understand the sacrifice.  After Christ came and you heard it was the Son of God, then you understand it was an amazing sacrifice, but without the Spirit you still don’t understand that this too is an earthly story or something happened before the world was created until God opens yours eyes to this truth.

God sent his Son to shed his blood as a demonstration of what was already done spiritually before the foundation of the earth.  That is the only way that forgiveness of sins took place before 33AD.  They received Salvation the same way we do today.  For God is the same yesterday, today and forever.


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  1. bacord says:

    I only have two questions.
    What did Peter mean when he said Christ went and preached to the souls that were sometimes disobedient before the flood.
    When Christ ascended to heaven he lead captive captive.
    I am asking I don’t really know.

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