Consuming the Overwhelming LOVE of GOD

Today, I am just mediatating on the Love of God.  It is sometimes too big to conceive. So I ask have you ever had something or someone that consumed you so much that your every thought was fixed on them.  That even your most  worldly thoughts you could think was focus on how it could please them.  Have you tried in all your thinking to move your mind on something else, but you couldn’t. 

I have constant thoughts of my Lord, my Savior, my Teacher, my Love, my Healer, my Deliver, my Redeemer, my ALL and ALL.  He feeds me and is who I aspire to be conformed to.  He is my breath and my heartbeat.  He expresses how deep, how wide, and how long his love is for humanity in his Word.  I thank him this day and everyday for loving me and showing me how to love because without him I AM NOTHING! Am I consumed with HIM?  The answer is “YES”.  There is none like him.  Today is a wonderful day to give praises to our LORD! Today is a just a GREAT Day.

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